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Our mission is to promote a positive partnership among our educators, children, and community-at-large through advocacy efforts and programs focused on the education and well-being of our children.

Are you interested in volunteering?

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PLEASE NOTE: Volunteer Requirements
  • Please review all Volunteer information at: https://bpes.hcpss.org/support.

  • According to HCPSS Board Policy, all parent volunteers must complete a Confidentiality Training Course about protecting the privacy of our students, staff, and schools.  Please visit https://bpes.hcpss.org/support to complete the course and print your certificate of completion.

  • Please provide the front office with your training certificate.

Volunteer Opportunities (1 hour to 10+ hours)




Before & After School Activities Co-chair

The chair and co-chair have the following responsibilities:

  • Identify opportunities to provide extra enrichment options to the student body

  • Research and select vendors to run such selected programs and clubs outside of school hours

  • Coordinate with the vendors to schedule age-appropriate activities in conjunction with the school calendar

  • Obtain permit through the county for use of areas within the school property

  • Review and approve fliers and collect adequate quantities for distribution

  • Ensure fliers are sent home to families through take home folders and first day folders

  • For activities conducted by the BPES teachers, the chairs are also responsible to collect registrations, build rosters and record payments

  • Hand over the rosters and reimbursement forms to the PTA treasurer

  • Communicate and coordinate with the front office any changes to planned activities, volunteer sign-up etc.

Please contact Namita Shah with interest.

Carson Reading Room (CRR)

The Carson Reading room will be starting October 7!  If you are new to our school, this is an amazing volunteer opportunity.  You get to work directly with children in a warm, cozy environment as they read books for enjoyment!  The students absolutely love going and our volunteers enjoy it as well! If you have volunteered previously, we have made some changes to the scheduling process that we hope will better value your time at our school, and enable you to attend the room with your child.  The new structure will also ensure that all children in the school are able to attend the room at least three times a year. Please visit our website (and scroll down) to view the PowerPoint for more information.


Volunteer Information and CRR: Be on the lookout for an email with the signup link from your child’s grade level team leader a few weeks before the team’s scheduled week to find out the specific day your child’s teacher will be attending. 


Carson Reading Room Fall Schedule

  • Kindergarten Team October 7 - 11, Time:  9:40 - 11:30

  • First Grade Team October 14 - 17, Time:  9:40 - 11:30

  • Second Grade Team October 21 - 25, Time: 9:40 - 11:30

  • Fifth Grade Team October 28 - November 1, Time:  10:55 - 11:40 & 2:30 - 3:45

  • Third Grade Team November 4 - 8, Time: 9:40 - 10:40 & 11:40 - 12:30

  • RECC Team November 4 - 8, Time: 10:40 - 11:40 (am class) & 2:00 - 3:00 (pm class)

  • Fourth Grade Team November 11 - 15, Time: 10:40-12:30


Walking Wednesdays

The activity requires 2 or 3 parent volunteers per recess period and provides a great opportunity for parents to interact with their children and their friends. WW is a great way for parents, grandparents and other caregivers to get involved. (Walking Wednesdays will begin in October and ends after Thanksgiving, then weather permitting, we will start walking again in mid-March until the end of the School-Year.) Sign-up at: https://signup.com/go/AkKoMOX