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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Dear Families,

The PTA is not closed for business. In fact, as I learned when I took this position, we never close. We’re actively working on activities to keep our young learners engaged and virtually connected during this unprecedented time.

The top priority is supporting the kids. The second is keeping the adults sane or at least trying to.

Do you have any thoughts on something our group could do to virtually support the kids?

Would you record a video of your child(ren) reading a story to share? Can you or your parents record one too? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see and hear a classmate or older sibling on their screen?

Maybe you're amazing at crafts and would like to share an activity our primary and intermediate students would enjoy.

We have Zoom, Facebook, newsletters, emails and our website to do good with.Please email me at with your ideas and I'll consolidate them. Primary - Pre-K to 2nd. Intermediate - 3rd to 5th.

Our Book Fair co-chairs have already put together some at-home crafts that the kids can do to support the book fair. They are a mutually beneficial. Keeping the kids busy and group-work the rescheduled book fair decorations.

I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Best Regards, Randee


Update: Our Online Activities page is now live and ready to receive your content (video and links).

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