Walking Wednesday

Program: Fall and Spring

Walking Wednesday is an activity designed to encourage students to stay active during recess. Weather permitting (specifically when recess is held outside) students are able to walk laps around the grass play field and count their laps to encourage regular exercise. Participation is voluntary, if students wish to walk on a given Wednesday they can pick up an index card from our parent volunteers and parents will mark the index card for each lap the students complete around the play field. I have found the counting increases participation and makes walking more fun.

Chair/Co-Chair Responsibilities

Content TBD.

Volunteer Opportunities

The activity requires 2 or 3 parent volunteers per recess period and provides a great opportunity for parents to interact with their children and their friends. WW is a great way for parents, grandparents and other caregivers to get involved. (Walking Wednesdays will begin in October and ends after Thanksgiving, then weather permitting, we will start walking again in mid-March until the end of the School-Year.)