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Updated: May 10, 2020


Julia I. | Pre-K | Age 4 | Bushy Park ES Title: A Spring Day

Julia I. | Pre-K | Age 4 | Bushy Park ES Title: Butterfly Sipping Nectar in the Spring "This is Julia's creation of a happy Spring day with an orange tree and a plum tree, and a butterfly sipping nectar from a flower in the sunshine. She said the hearts show that she loves everyone."

1st Grade

Aanya M. | 1st Grade | Age 7 | Gorman Crossing ES Title: A Spring Day

2nd Grade

Annabella L. | 2rd Grade | Age 8 | Bushy Park ES Title: Donut Animals

3rd Grade

Bobby M. | 3rd Grade | Age 9 | Bushy Park ES Title: Dog blue sky

5th Grade

Maia H. | 5th Grade | Age 10 | Bushy Park ES Title: Life is Beautiful "This artwork was inspired by beauty of nature that I saw outside."

Abigail M. | 5th Grade | Age 10 | Bushy Park ES Title: Hopefully flowers "Spring hopeful with watercolors and marker"

6th Grade

Sarah B. | 6th Grade | Age 11 | Dunloggin MS Title: Slow Bloom "The sloth of hope"

9th Grade

Alivia P. | 9th Grade | Age 15 | Glenelg HS Title: Safe & Sound "Digital artwork of a pregnant mama horse representing the life and renewal of spring."

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