Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Program: Fall

This Year’s Theme is “Look Within.”

Each year, across America, hundreds of thousands of students, of all abilities – in preschool through grade 12, create and submit original art work in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.

Reflections is a program which encourages students to explore the arts and express themselves by giving positive recognition for their artistic efforts. Since it was founded in 1969 by Mary Lou Anderson, millions of students have benefited from this program. In the past few years we have had students win ribbons and medals at the County and District levels and prize money at the State and National levels. We hope to see that tradition continue next year.

The theme this year is exciting and lends itself to many different interpretations and will give students and parents a wonderful opportunity to reflect on and talk together about its meaning. These conversations will give great scope to imagination and open the door for the wonderful creation of art.

For ideas, and to see the work of previous winners, visit

Chair/Co-Chair Responsibilities

Do you love the arts? Would you like to help provide Bushy Park students a special opportunity to take on a theme and explore it creatively through one of six disciplines? Students can take a photo, choreograph a dance, write a story, compose music, write and direct a film or design a piece of art. It's a great way to explore a medium and theme, with the opportunity to represent their school at the county, state and even national level. It is a very well organized program with a detailed chairperson guide that comes out every year, and the current chair will be happy to walk you through all aspects of the program, along with timelines, advertising, organizing judges as needed, logistics, awards, etc. Much of this work can be done outside of school hours. The PTA would love to have you on board to bring more of the arts to Bushy Park!

Volunteer Opportunities

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