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It's a Jungle Adventure!

Our Spring Book Fair has been postponed, but that doesn't mean the fun is! Help us decorate for this WILD book fair today!

Here are some fun crafts to do!

  1. Color a picture.  The class that completes the most coloring pages will win books for their classroom.  When school resumes, turn into the office with $1 donation.

  2. Make a paper chain snake.  Directions included.  When school resumes, bring to school and the snakes will be displayed at the book fair.  Be sure to include your name and teacher. Longest snake wins $5 towards any book.

  3. Create a jungle leaf.  Using the vines instruction, print and color a leaf (or 10) to be displayed at school.  Great creative!

Transform your room into a jungle today and bring your decorations to school for the Spring Book Fair!

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