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"How to Help the Pandemic Generation Thrive Now & Later"

On Friday, February 26 2021, 7-8pm EST, our community parter, Books With a Past and the Bushy Park PTA hosted Dr. Michele Borba for a presentation and discussion on "How to Help the Pandemic Generation Thrive Now & Later" for parents and educators.

Discussion with Dr. Michele Borba, author of "UnSelfie" & "Thrivers"

These are unprecedented times but how do we help our students? Dr. Borba explains why empathy and resilience are core when educators and parents are considering how to help their children before and after school. You’ll learn the 4 crucial C’s-caring, connection, coping and cultivate hope that our Pandemic Generation needs to help children overcome adversity, be more resilient and learn skills they will need both now and later. You’ll hear a range of support options from how to: rebuild personal connection after experiencing disconnection, teach coping strategies, minimize anxiety and stretch focusing, and so much more! Most important, you will leave with strategies to improve school performance as well as help kids become thrivers both now and later. All are no cost, easy to implement and evidence-based to create protective factors for our pandemic kids.

Dr. Borba's 7 Essential Traits of Thrivers

About the Author

Michele Borba, Ed. D., is the author of "UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About Me World", and is an internationally renowned educational psychologist and has experience in parenting, bullying, and character development. She blends 40 years of teaching and consulting experience with the latest science to offer sound, realistic advice to parents, teachers, and child advocates about helping children thrive.

We would like to thank Books With a Past and Dr. Borba for making this presentation available to the HCPSS community.

Additional Resources

If you would like to support Books With a Past, please visit the following links for Dr. Borba's resources:

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