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Cultural Arts

Program: School-Year

The Cultural Arts Program at Bushy Park Elementary is designed to expose students to art forms they may not have an opportunity to experience in the classroom or to enrich existing class work. Cultural arts encompasses a variety of different art forms, including visual and performing arts, such as poetry, music, theater, film, or dance, and is delivered by visiting artists through school assemblies or residency programs. These programs provide access to a variety of cultural experiences and are intended to help students strengthen cultural values, preserve history and heritage, and supplement creative thinking skills taught in the classroom. The Bushy Park PTA is strongly committed to providing students with cultural arts opportunities. Cultural Arts programs at BPES are sponsored solely by the PTA and are funded through PTA dues, fundraising, and grants. The cultural arts committee chooses programs in an attempt to expose students to as many different art forms as our budget allows each year.

Chair/Co-Chair Responsibilities

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Volunteer Opportunities

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