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Council Delegates

Program: School-Year

Every school in HCPSS designates a delegate(s) to attend and participate in the PTA Council of Howard County (PTACHC). PTACHC holds monthly meetings, usually the first Monday of the month from 7:30-9:30. Typically if there is more than 1 delegate from Bushy Park, they take turns in attending the monthly meetings.

The delegates of Bushy Park attend monthly meetings, participate as a voting member, ask questions, and receive feedback from the PTA’s around county. The delegates are responsible for taking notes from the meeting and reporting back to the Bushy Park PTA. At times the Bushy Park PTA may have questions or need feedback so the delegate is responsible for communicating that to the PTACH as well.

Chair/Co-Chair Responsibilities

Content TBD.

Volunteer Opportunities

Content TBD.

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