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Classroom Gift Fund

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Program: School-Year

Your child will get to choose a new hardbound book from a selection of children’s books purchased by the PTA.

The book will have an affixed bookplate, and it will be inscribed with your child’s name and the occasion you are recognizing.

Your child will take his or her special selected book home to share with his or her family for two weeks. After two weeks, the books will go directly to your children’s classes. These books will stay in their current grades.

You may consider purchasing a book for such occasions as: a thank you to teachers, holiday greetings, your child’s birthday, acknowledgement of a special achievement, or even “just because”. (For Birthdays, your child will receive the book during the month of their birthday; children with August – September birthdays will receive their books ASAP and children with June – July birthdays will receive their books in May to allow them time to enjoy their books before the end of the School-Year.)

View the Classroom Gift Fund flier.

Chair/Co-Chair Responsibilities

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Volunteer Opportunities

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