Bingo Night

Event: January 10, 2020

Bingo night is a fun free family event that is great for all ages! The night consists of multiple bingo games, food, and prizes!

Chair/Co-Chair Responsibilities

Shop for prizes within the budget. Coordinate the arrival of Three Brothers for pizza set up and delivery of pizza and drinks they take care of selling it and all the money. Decorations purchased if desired. Create schedule of the games and what prizes will be given for each of those specific games. Work with volunteer chair to get volunteers/sign up for the night. Work with library media specialist for equipment needed for the night. Make sure that the bulletin board is up-to-date for the event. Work with principals and teachers in hopes that many will come out and volunteer or just be present for the event. Create a flyer to send home the week before the event. Connect the fifth grade Leo club advisor to see if they would like to host a bake sale. Work with the custodians for night of the event set up and also provide treats and pizza for them the night of the event.

Volunteer Opportunities

bingo callers, set up teardown, someone to oversee/handout the prizes, someone to mark the numbers called on an overhead, A few volunteers to walk around and check boards for winners. Volunteers to to sit at the table as families come in to check them in and hand out bingo boards.

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