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Before & After School Activities

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Program: School-Year

The Afterschool Activities committee organizes a range of clubs, enrichments, sports, STEM activities and other opportunities to the student body to participate in, before and after regularly scheduled school hours.

Chair/Co-Chair Responsibilities

The chair and co-chair have the following responsibilities:

  • Identify opportunities to provide extra enrichment options to the student body

  • Research and select vendors to run such selected programs and clubs outside of school hours

  • Coordinate with the vendors to schedule age-appropriate activities in conjunction with the school calendar

  • Obtain permit through the county for use of areas within the school property

  • Review and approve fliers and collect adequate quantities for distribution

  • Ensure fliers are sent home to families through take home folders and first day folders

  • For activities conducted by the BPES teachers, the chairs are also responsible to collect registrations, build rosters and record payments

  • Hand over the rosters and reimbursement forms to the PTA treasurer

  • Communicate and coordinate with the front office any changes to planned activities, volunteer sign-up etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Chair person

  • Co-chair 1

  • Co-chair 2

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