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Artist in Residence: Christina Delgado

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

February 3, 2020 will be the start of the fourth grade's Artist in Residence. We will be welcoming Christina Delgado. During the residency, students will be asked to bring in an object that symbolizes something important in their life. They will be taking photos of this object and then writing a poem to tell it’s story.

Using a concept called “literacy through photography,” students take photographs of objects that represent who they are or something about themselves. In this residency, the experience of creating the photographic image along with the photograph itself helps students write descriptive short sentences about why the object represents them.

Day 1 (February 3rd): Camera Use

Day 2 (February 5th): Composition

Day 3 (February 7th): Symbolism

Day 4 (February 11th): Gallery Walk

At the end of the residency, we will have a culminating activity in the cafeteria. All parents of fourth graders are invited to take a gallery walk of the students work from 3pm to 3:40pm on Tuesday, February 11th.

This residency is made possible by the following:

Howard County Government

Howard County Arts Council

The Fourth Grade Team

Bushy Park PTA & Cultural Arts Committee

Source: Young Audiences Arts For Learning, Maryland

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