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2020-21 Yearbooks

BPES Yearbook Information 2020-2021 

Dear Bushy Park Parents/Guardians, Students & Staff,

We are happy to announce that the 2020-2021 Bushy Park Elementary School Yearbook theme will be Making a Difference, Even from a Distance.  This year, the yearbook will be more of a time capsule.  Since our school year looks a little different, we need your help with gathering photos. As we continue with distance learning and virtual events, we are calling upon all parents/guardians to be our "in the field" photographers, so we can fill our yearbook with Bushy Bear Pride.  If you have photos of school events or activities at home related to school, then our committee would like to see them. 

To help the committee process the photos efficiently, we kindly request that you upload photos using the URL links below:

Directions for Uploading Photos for the Bushy Park Elementary School Yearbook 2020-21 STEP #1: Take PHOTOS

STEP #2: Use the  URL (to get to the upload screen with easy-to-follow steps to upload photos images).

STEP #3: Click the Upload Your Photos Button STEP #4: Choose your desired photos. Note: Use photo tags to describe the image(s) you are uploading.  This will help the Bushy Park Yearbook Committee significantly when adding to your book. 

STEP #5: Wait patiently until your Photos upload.

Once you see Uploads Finished, your images have been successfully uploaded.


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