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Our mission is to promote a positive partnership among our educators, children, and community-at-large through advocacy efforts and programs focused on the education and well-being of our children.

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Dear Administrators & PTAs

What a year this week has been.


My name is Randee Wilding and I'm the proud Papa of Julian (4th Grade) and Sebastian (8th Grade).  I'm also the president of the PTA for Bushy Park Elementary School.  We started our family in Howard County (Long Reach, Phelps Luck "Go Falcons!") 17 years ago and moved to western HoCo four years ago.

I’ve been racking my brain, trying to figure out how I could get you access to some of the cool stuff we’re doing with our school community.  Then, I realized I can just give it to you and you can decide if and how you want to use it.

Since last week, our PTA, in partnership with our administration, has done the following:

This week, we're hosting Live! Morning Announcements and grade-level meet-ups on Mondays and Thursdays.  We're also going to do another virtual Happy Hour on Wednesday night.

I don't have emails for your PTAs, so please feel free to share this with them.

This past week, I've seen the kids' faces (Pre-K to 5th) light up when they see their friends. That's why I'm doing this. 

I'm at your disposal for help.

In partnership and with great respect,
Randee Wilding, President

Bushy Park Elementary School (BPES) PTA 2019-20


Blog Writer Access
  • I have added your emails (all Elementary School Principals and Assistant Principals, as well as superintendents) as a blog writers to our PTA website.  I don't have emails for your PTAs.  Please pass them this this URL and have them email me.

  • Create a new blog post, select categories “HoCo Friends” AND “School Name”

    • If you select category "HoCo Friends" the post will be displayed on this page: https://www.bushyparkpta.org/hoco-friends

    • If you select category "School Name" the post will be displayed only on at your school specific URL below.


School Specific URLS

Once you have published a blog post with categories “HoCo Friends” AND “School Name” selected, it will automatically appear at your school-specific URL:


Create a Video

Whether it’s a Morning Announcement or just a message to say “Hi” to your school friends, you will have the ability to upload a video to your blog post.

Morning Announcement Example: https://www.bushyparkpta.org/post/morning-announcements-3-20-20


Using Zoom to Record Video

If you sign-up for the free version of Zoom, you can download and install their desktop app.  By doing this, you’ll then be able to create recordings of your meetings or announcements and publish them to your blog post.  Zoom: https://zoom.us


Using Zoom for Grade-Level Meet-ups

We started grade-level meet-ups this week and they have been chaotic and fun.  Whether it’s driven by you or your PTA, they are a fun way for the kids to be able to see each other and say “Hi!” Example: https://www.bushyparkpta.org/post/bushy-park-zooms​


Online Activities: https://www.bushyparkpta.org/online-activites

Bushy Park Zooms!: https://www.bushyparkpta.org/post/bushy-park-zooms

Morning Announcements (3/20): https://www.bushyparkpta.org/post/morning-announcements-3-20-20

Live! Morning Announcements (3/23-3/27): https://www.bushyparkpta.org/post/live-morning-announcements-3-23-3-27

Live! Bushy Park Bakes: https://www.bushyparkpta.org/post/live-bushy-park-bakes