There are many different ways you can volunteer.  If you make the time, we can use your passion and expertise. Please review the list of PTA committees and then complete our Volunteer Interest form.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch.

5th Grade Picnic

Trina Cunningham

Rachel Smith

Before & After School Activities

Namita Shah

Bingo Night

Michelle Sexton

Book Fair

Trina Cunningham

Stacie Morris

Beary Grateful Fund

Julie Brogan

Arathi Murthi

Bushy Bear Fundraiser

Gina Lease

Bushy Blooms

Jessica Cleck-Derenick

Carson Reading Room

Sarah Mitchell

Classroom Gift Fund

Tammy Barney

Kelly Skovron

Jenna Moheyer-Daniels

Danielle Carney

Angie Dutton

Lisa Cochran


Council Delegates

Christina Lawrence

Sabera Husain

Cultural Arts 

Elisabeth Baumwald

Athena Liu

Annie Schott

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Mya Frye

Christina Lawrence

Audra Miller


Annie Chen

Fall Fest

Elizabeth Lioi


Girls on the Run

Lindsay Michael


Grounds Beautification

Danielle Carney

Hero Boys

Cathy Berger

Abby Peterson


Amie Leone

Brianne Miller

Ice Cream Social

Vicky Penn

International Night

Giles Gibson

Fatima Rizvi

Junior Achievement

Jenna Moheyer-Daniels

Patty Rutledge


Abby Peterson


Elisabeth Baumwald

Sabera Husain

Erin Kerber

Retail Rewards

Danielle Regester

STEM Night

Randee Wilding

Room & Team Parents

Eileen Dietz


School Supplies

Helen Clark


Science Fair

Jessica Cleck-Derenick

Dina Goldman

Spirit Wear

Kelly Feldman


Spring Fling

Voula Augustin

Kelly Feldman

Amanda Laurier

Neil Majmundar

Preeti Venkataraman


Sweetheart Dance

Angie Dutton

Lisa Cochran

Teacher Supply Closet

Faith Wildesen


Volunteer Coordinator

Lisa Gordon


Walking Wednesday 

George Connolly

Maureen Simpson


Jenn George

Katie Witt

Bushy Park PTA

Our mission is to promote a positive partnership among our educators, children, and community-at-large through advocacy efforts and programs focused on the education and well-being of our children.

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